my 7 year old self with my seamstress inspiring grandmother Ida

When it comes to weaving threads – I come from a long line of women makers. I sleep under quilts that my grandmother made, my head rests on pillowcases that my aunt embroidered, and my memories are full of time spent watching my mom and grandmother sew. The majority of my sewing, quilting, embroidery and weaving skills are self-taught; and I like to think there is a little bit of genetic love seeping through.

When it comes to weaving words – I don’t remember a time when words weren’t constantly roaming around in my head. These days I spend my time chasing words and thoughts while I mother my growing children, share my loving of learning with a class of first graders and learn to love my family and friends well.

I savor quiet moments with a cup of tea; when I’m able to catch those words and find the courage to write them down.